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Glory Hole Games (THE KINKSTER) - account

Updated: Jul 5

Had an outing to Tokyo Valentino (back door, glory hole) for Humilitrix fun with My newest babie, a faggot cocksucker. It was raining that day so I was running behind schedule due to the showers and traffic. He arrived before Me, waiting across the street for Me to arrive. When I got there I decided to go upstairs first, so I could browse the novelty shop. I was in the market for a new toy, although, that's not saying much as I'm always in the market for a new toy. I'd made plans for a boot worship and sissy training but, one never knows, I may get in the mood for more impactful play. If I did, I wanted to have something new and shiny to play with, so I looked around to get something fun.

After browsing the store, I want back to My car to grab My bag and get My boots. He met Me there ready to place My boots on. I had two to choose from both thigh high Goddess boots, one clear the other gold. I decided on the gold. After placing them on, I walked to the door of the 'club' as he followed behind.

After arriving inside I wanted to go to each floor to "check out" the scene. There wasn't much going on but, the Goddess in the Golden boots instantly memorized the fellas when I walked past. After walking around I eventual decided to go into a video booth to watch gay porn as My babie faggot cocksucker worshiped My boots with his tongue. I quickly realized the booth was too small for him to worship properly so I decided to move to the open room on the top floor. I walked up the stairs carefully, the low lighting seductively calling Me in to every inch of the club. I sat down on one of the open seats while My babie knelled to My feet. I ordered him to put on his mask and take off his shirt while he christened My boots.

My babie continued worshiping all the while stimulating the onlookers with the kinky fetish play. One man in particular to particular notice and decided to sit directly across from Me while he greased his gas.

Hook, Line, Sinker.

When babie was done with both My boots, I walked over to O/our on looker and let him know I wanted My babie to suck him dry.

He consented.

After I told the on looker to provide adequate coverage, I guided My babie to the already erect cock and commanded him to SUCK.

"Suck My little babie," I demanded

"That's a good boy."

"That's a good little cock sucker." I whispered in My babies ear.

"Thank you Goddess," he replied. My babie was delighted to please.

"Can I touch you" the onlooker dared to opened his mouth to speak to Me.


"Please can I touch You?" he pleaded.

"No, and I will not say it again," I responded.

"I love the control. "

"I know."

I told him I would give him My to contact Me in the future for a session of his own.

"I'll seduce you," I promised. "I'll control you. I'll OWN you."

Two minutes went by.

"Don't cum until I say so," I told My onlooker.

"Suck My little babie. That's a good boy. That's a good little cock sucker," I whispered to my babie faggot cocksucker.

Five minutes went by. I was entranced with the power I wielded over them both.

"When I count down from five you will cum," I told the onlooker.

"I want you to cum on My babies chest."

"Please Goddess, I want to cum for You. You make me cry." The onlooker said as he took a puff of the inhalant he was sniffing.

"You will. You will come when I say zero!"

"Yes, Goddess," he was delighted to please Me.

I told My babie faggot cocksucker to stop and to sit up so the onlooker could come on his chest.

"Five." I started.

"Yes," he said. He began greasing his gas again.

"Four." he began jerking harder.

"Three. Two. One. Zero," I shouted while the onlooker simultaneously let out an audible grunt. He let out his load, right on cue like a good little babie. W/we ended the night with a purchase of two slave masks and a leather bondage harness. I'll save those for the next night of fun and games.

Over all had a great time and couldn't wait to return!


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