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Never Let Go - journal entry (THE SEXY PINUP)

Updated: Jan 11

He knew not to let go. He knew he better not let go of the railing. I had him laid out in a prostrate position, his legs underneath him opened slightly, his ass up and out in perfect position, his arms outstretched in front of him while his hands grasped the rails of the headboard on my bed.

He knew not to let go, his bent legs resting on the bed. I stood over him on the bed dressed in my favorite red stiletto pumps and tight polka-dotted wiggle dress. I giggled to myself as I watched him squirming with anticipation blindfold covering his eyes. I watched him as I hit my left hand with the wooden paddle I held in my right.

I was already wet trying to decide what type of spanking I would inflict upon him. I swung the paddle in my hands I begin to laugh out loud now thinking of all I wanted to do. He awkwardly lifted his head towards my laughter. I watched his head on a swivel, I imagined the confusion on his face. I moved closer to him and placed the paddle gently on his right shoulder… he flinched. I slowly moved the paddle to his other shoulder blade, then down his back.

I lifted the paddle swiftly swatted it back hitting his backside with as much force as my body could muster. He let out a loud groan. I did it again and smiled out of pure enjoyment.

I began to notice, for every action he gave me, my body reacted. He grasped the rail tighter; my wet kitty began to pulsate. He let out a whimper; I licked mt lips and laughed from my gut. His backside turned red; my nipples hardened. On and on this went, what felt like hours, as I repeated my assault on his ass.

The energy began to slow. I rubbed the wooden paddle gently and slowly on his backside, then back and forth on his spine from his lower back to his neck to begin grounding and soothing my specimen.

I slowly began dragging the paddle back and forth from shoulder blade to shoulder blade.

I paused briefly giving him a moment to catch his breath then WHAM! I lifted the paddle once more and came down hard. I laughed as I watch the reaction of my victim who had lifted his guard for a moment. Just long enough for me to exploit.

After the finale, I dropped the paddle and it fell to the floor with a thud. I stepped down from the bed and promptly began unlocking the chains constraining him to the bed. I removed my dress then I climbed into the bed with him as the big spoon so he could feel my erect nipples on his back. I wrapped my legs around his back ensuring my wetness was on him.

After a few minutes of spooning, I turned him over on his back, tugged my thumb on his chin opening his mouth and straddled him.

I found a deep laugh while simultaneously sitting on top his face as my cum found his lips and tongue inside his opened mouth.

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