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Golden Goddess (THE KINKSTER)

Updated: Jan 11

I saw her across the room in her elegant golden gown. I bit my lip as I looked away, we both sat and grooved to the rhythms of the saxophonist. I glanced at her again, my eyes scanning her curves pushing through her sparkling golden masterpiece. The way her dress hugged every piece of her beautiful body left me moist and feeling heated. I gazed at the stage as I swayed my hips to the deep sounds and rhythmic tunes. I enjoyed the sounds as I let the vibration of the instruments drum through my body. I moved my hips and was wrapped in the melodic sounds as I took another glance at this goddess in the gold dress, her warm dark skin, smooth and soft. She caught my glance as we both smiled slightly as we locked eyes, then she quickly looked away. Her gaze seemed to read my thoughts in the brief exchange. If only this golden beautiful goddess knew what my thoughts were.

Her deep red lips down my neck and hovering over my body, down my thick thighs then in between my moist treasure. She begins slowly moving her tongue across my juicy wet pussy, her lips pressed against my clitoris gently sucking. I was jolted sensually out of my blissful reprieve to the crowd applauding the musicians on the stage. We all began clapping as the soulful melodies came to an end. I joined the sincere jovial crowd and worshipped the talented musicians in applause. After kissing my date goodnight and giving him the best version of an onset of a headache, I slid into the back seat of the black SUV awaiting me near the curb. As the oversized vehicle began the pull off, the golden goddess stood near the car sitting in front of us. I asked the young driver to wait as I rolled the window down. I watched as she moved closer to where the vehicle paused, I motioned for her to move closer.

“Do you need a ride,” I asked as I pushed the door open.

She slid beside me and I purposely moved over slightly toward her, I wanted to feel her right beside my heated body. She smiled with her dazzling white teeth radiant against her cherry red lipstick.

She asked, “Where are we going beauty?”

I leaned in near her ear and asked, “Does it matter?”

The driver simultaneously gazed in the rearview mirror and pulled out into a sea of traffic lights and red rear lights. As I leaned in for a kiss, she whispered her name and pushed my head away from her mouth and toward her nipples pushing through her dress. I tugged at the golden layer pulling the top of her dress down with my teeth. I massaged her voluptuous breasts with my hand and lightly squeezed her nipples between my fingers. She lay her head back against the tinted window as I moved my head lower down between her thick thighs. She lifted her gown to her thighs, so I could sit between her legs. I straddled my body over hers as I continued this dreamed assault on her breast. I pulled her nipple between my lips and moved my hands down her soft curves. I pressed my mouth into her other breast and found her wet pussy with my hand. I felt her hands lifting and tugging at my ass and I pressed into her as I slipped one, then two then three fingers into her wetness. I massaged the back of her pussy with my fingers as she began thrust. Her sounds and pants getting louder and louder as we moved through the traffic. I massaged her clit and flicked her nipple between my lips and tongue. As she thrust her hips and her pussy harder and harder I felt more of her juices down my palm leaking down to my wrist. The noises became more and more hoarse as they left her. She grabbed my ass hard as her sensual release found her lips in a loud groan. I continued to massage her clit as she slowly came down from her climax. I kissed her bottom lip as she gazed curiously into my dark eyes. I smirked as the car pulled in front of my townhouse. I sat up as she stared at me and shifted her dress over her curves. I told Patrick, the driver, to take her wherever she needed to go. I could still taste her skin as I walked up my driveway and watched the headlights disappear into the dark night.


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