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When you look at the dark side, careful you must be.
sissy sasha

Goddess, thank you for seeing me today and for showing me how good I look wearing panties, lingerie, stockings, etc.

I love making you happy and love needing a smart, sexy black woman to make a white guy like me your weak sissy, cock-sucking bitch.

I would love going forward if it pleases to really bitch slap me around. I'm just your slutty pathetic sissy and I will never fuck girls anymore because of you and now I will always be on my knees for you.

- sissy sasha


Probably what i enjoyed most was when i was face down and you were seated on top of me. You did sort of gentle spanking and pinching on my crotch and butt. It felt really good.

What I would look forward to most in a future session would be probably working on breath play. It’s out of my comfort zone. But I like a challenge. And also I would look forward to making it to the end of the session, lol.


And most unforgettable moment was definitely sucking the big cock for you. Hot. So very hot.

Thank you, Goddess.

- toby


Such an amazing Valentine's theme with 3 gorgeous and skilled black queens!

Goddess Capri, Femdom Sugar, and Mistress Ostraps.

Definitely reached my pain threshold limit a few times for this masochist with a variety of wonderful kinks involved! Valentines done right guaranteed!


Definitely appreciate you attending the absolutely amazing time we all came together for today! Certainly, a scene just like I'm used to; extreme pain indulging with sensualness tied in! I've always enjoyed Electroplay ever since my 1st session when I joined irl sessions back in January of 2023 and the multiple styles of sucking between your fingers and the strapon. Amazing ! Can't wait to see the content from the scene and pictures afterwards.

Kinda wish I wasn't blindfolded for most the session yesterday, lol. Despite it did increase all my other senses like sound, taste, touch, and some smelling. I guess I got a bit eager with the sucking at some points and lost tempo I was trying to go with your hand movements that I felt. Your voice was a lovely guide as well.


Between you and Mistress Ostraps, idk who had my mind melting sooner lol. With her prior knowledge of my mind melting kink triggers.


I fantasize some crazy extreme sadistic stuff about my Dom as well as a few others. Valentines was a rendition of 1 of them.


Thanks so much to Goddess_Capri for joining the demented fun torture time that was shared during that trio.

- patient d

patient d
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