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Dickmatized--- The Beginnings (THE MYSTIC)

Updated: Jan 11

Muumba always said hypnosis would come in handy.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was only fifteen at the time and we were in her bedroom. She was training me in the art of hypnotic conversations. I listened, as I always do to every word, partly because I knew what not listening would get me, yheh. But also, because I wanted, so viciously to harness this power. She directed my voice and I stilled my thoughts to concentrate only on her words. She showed me how to use the tone of my voice to usher a person into the trance. She taught me how the depth of a conversation would lead me to produce WHATEVER I wanted from any individual.

She told me how to use a simple, everyday word to take them to where I wanted. And eventually, do what I desired.

When I was 16, during my Rheto year at secondary, I decide to see if it would work. I was nervous as hell! My prey? My math teacher – Mr. Louis. He kept me after school for tutoring one day but I didn’t mind because I’d been crushing on him since the first day of school. He was fresh out of University probably in his early 20s but I wanted him. I mean my teenage body had already filled out, men twice my age were already checking me out daily. But once they found out my age, they’d flee. So, when I decided to talk to Mr. Louis I was not expecting it to work. But I proceeded, anyway.

I started talking to him about my family and how Muumba was an amazing grandmother and how I loved how she cooked my favorite foods on Sunday. I babbled on and on about my favorite tv show. He interrupted to tell me how he’d liked that one too. We gabbed about all the new season. I sat at my goute and he at his, only about 5 feet from me. I almost lost myself in laughter when I suddenly remembered my “mission”. As his laugher lessened I blurted out “apple.” He instantly stared, blankly back at me.. Out of pure confusion I stared back at him with the same blankness. I decided it was time. I was going to do to him what I saw on a flick my best friend Claudette showed all us girls at a birthday slumber party.

In a low voice I instructed him. “Take off your pants,” I whispered. Still looking blankly, he did as he was told. I continued. “Take those off too” I whispered a little louder pointing to his tight, white briefs. He pulled them past his thighs, bending down and over to remove them fully. I gasped at the sight of his cock. Chocolate. Grand. And slightly stiff. I began to have second thoughts, but I coaxed myself to take a deep breath and walked over to where he was. His eyes staring at my face. I pushed him back in his chair and kneeled down in front of him. I looked at his blank face as I inhaled his now fully erect cock into my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and opened my mouth wider. When I felt his body relax, I started forcing his cock into my mouth. I closed my lips around his shaft as I bobbed my head back and forth.

After a while I saw him squirm and I knew he was READY. “You will cum when I say,” I warned. “I will count backwards from ten,” I continued. When I get to zero you will cum. I continued suckling.

“Ten,” I began. I continued sucking. Taking a break to whisper, “Nine.” I was taking longer than the second count. I allowed about 20 seconds to go by before I stopped to whisper “Eight.” “Seven, Six Five,” I said in a rush. I began sucking him again before I slowed down to whisper, “Four.” He began squirming. I could tell he wanted to beg me to let him release.

“When I say,” I reminded him.

“Three.” I continued sucking him for about a minute longer.

“Two,” He was squirming a bit at the knees and his face held a look of exasperation. As if he’d been holding his breath the entire time I was counting down hoping I would get to zero soon then later.

“One,” I slowly rolled off my tongue, in a sing-songy way. I sucked him faster and faster. I waited for a full two minutes to tick by before I sat up to say

“Zero.” Before I could lower my head to catch his creamy goodness, he’d already made his way to cum. It splashed on my chin.

I quickly cleaned it with my palm tasting a little before he could come to and realized what transpired.

That was the day I found my new hobby. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I loved how his grand cock felt it my mouth. I love the salty taste of the cum. I LOVED to put people under my spell and suck them senseless. Since then I’ve had the power to suck the shit out of every cock that I want... big.. small… thin… long… girthy… it didn’t matter. I didn’t care. I loved to suck hypnotized cock!

This week alone I sucked off the corner store cashier on his lunch break on Monday. He almost got fired for having his pants still unzipped when he returned back to his register. On Tuesday, it was this stranger in the metro rail bathroom. He in his wife had a huge argument when he returned to his seat. Wednesday... it was Jean-Charles, the waiter at my favorite restaurant. The storage room smelled of sweat and ass by the time we left it. And Thursday?? Thursday was mothafucking Allen Baptist. He is one of the most best-looking men I have ever seen in my entire life. And the best part?? He has no clue what I did to him in his law firm office.

I would always wonder how they felt once they came out from under their trance. But I knew, in order to keep my little secret, I could never, really know.

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