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Dickmatized--- The Beginnings

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Muumba always said hypnosis would come in handy.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was only fifteen at the time and we were in her bedroom. She was training me in the art of hypnotic conversations. I listened, as I always do to every word, partly because I knew what not listening would get me, yheh. But also, because I wanted, so viciously to harness this power. She directed my voice and I stilled my thoughts to concentrate only on her words. She showed me how to use the tone of my voice to usher a person into the trance. She taught me how the depth of a conversation would lead me to produce WHATEVER I wanted from any individual.

She told me how to use a simple, everyday word to take them to where I wanted. And eventually, do what I desired.

When I was 16, during my Rheto year at secondary, I decide to see if it would work. I was nervous as hell! My prey? My math teacher – Mr. Louis. He kept me after school for tutoring one day but I didn’t mind because I’d been crushing on him since the first day of school. He was fresh out of University probably in his early 20s but I wanted him. I mean my teenage body had already filled out, men twice my age were already checking me out daily. But once they found out my age, they’d flee. So, when I decided to talk to Mr. Louis I was not expecting it to work. But I proceeded, anyway.

I started talking to him about my family and how Muumba was an amazing grandmother and how I loved how she cooked my favorite foods on Sunday. I babbled on and on about my favorite tv show. He interrupted to tell me how he’d liked that one too. We gabbed about all the new season. I sat at my goute and he at his, only about 5 feet from me. I almost lost myself in laughter when I suddenly remembered my “mission”. As his laugher lessened I blurted out “apple.” He instantly stared, blankly back at me.. Out of pure confusion I stared back at him with the same blankness. I decided it was time. I was going to do to him what I saw on a flick my best friend Claudette showed all us girls at a birthday slumber party.