Goddess Capri {von Chic} is a model, entertainer, advocate and overall provocateur. She is quickly becoming Atlanta's #1 fetish entertainer... the one and only Seductress of Sin! Capri is the creator of SinDom™ domination play and has perfected Spiritual (light) and MindFuck (dark) mental/psychological domination. She is also the official face of the Diesel-Afropunk Domination aesthetic.

On Entertaining:
"Entertaining is something I was born to do. Being able to connect with My fans while performing and doing the things I love, is something I could do lifetimes over. Capri von Chic is just a name but When you see Me in a performance, it is truly an intimate Me that I share with the world."

"Being able to lead/manipulate a persons mind and energy motivates Me. It drives Me. There are SO many ways in which to experiment, the possibilities are, potentially endless. Not to mention the varying reactions, those fascinate Me. Often times to a point where pushing boundaries becomes, necessary."


Entertainment and Modeling
Capri the entertainer can be booked for domination fetish shows, clips talent or as a workshop presenter. Capri is also an alternative model. Her genres include dielselpunk cosplay, fetish, nude, pin-up, "category-is" play. Alternative modeling is a specific genre of artistic modeling that features models, artwork, fashion, etc., that does not conform to mainstream ideals of "beauty" and are usually extremely provocative.

Domination Play
 Capri is a sensual dominate who harness shamanistic powers, which She incorporates into Her Domination Play. Goddess Capri offers play for men, women and couples. Click here for more on Her play sessions. 

Capri is a sex rights advocate. She believes in the civil and human right to FUCK, SUCK, and PLUCK who and how you please contingent upon the most important factors of consent and health. She advocates and campaigns for this right.

Favorite Things
Want the opportunity to spoil this Beautiful Goddess? You can start with a few of My Favorite Things. Click here to get started.

All you will ever need to know about the important things in life... ME