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The Night Before - journal entry

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

It was New Year’s Eve, the night before his third deployment.

He told me he had a surprise for me and to meet him at his office on base. I was surprised to hear he had a surprise for me seeing as he was the one leaving in the morning. He was headed out on another one-year tour. Oh, how I was going to miss him. I always missed him when he left me. Him and his BIG cock!

When I walked into his office, he closed the door behind me and that’s when I saw the cute setup; the make-shift indoor picnic setup complete blanket and picnic basket. Completely appropriate since we very well couldn’t have a picnic outside on the blistery winter weather. I sat down on the blanket and he sat next to me. Seeing him in his uniform always turned me on. I could barely contain myself and the thought of fucking him in his office turned me on even more… but he didn’t know that… did he? Or, had he been reading my journal?... the sneaky bastard.

We sat down on the blanket and he started to rub me on my legs. Before I knew it I found myself laying prostrate in between his legs, nuzzling my tongue at his cock over his uniform pants. His blues pants getting tighter with every nuzzle.

I slowly worker down his zipper, unbuttoned the “flap” on his boxer briefs then I slipped the tip of his cock into my mouth and slowly worked my tongue down the shaft. How did I get here already? I thought. Truth be told, I didn’t care. I just knew I would miss him so much and this would be my last opportunity to get his cock before he left me for a year.

I lifted my head and slowly began my assault on his cock, softly sucking his tip like it was the nipple on my own cock bottle. I stayed there a while suckling him befo