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The Night Before - journal entry (THE SEXY PINUP)

Updated: Jan 11

It was New Year’s Eve, the night before his third deployment.

He told me he had a surprise for me and to meet him at his office on base. I was surprised to hear he had a surprise for me seeing as he was the one leaving in the morning. He was headed out on another one-year tour. Oh, how I was going to miss him. I always missed him when he left me. Him and his BIG cock!

When I walked into his office, he closed the door behind me and that’s when I saw the cute setup; the make-shift indoor picnic setup complete blanket and picnic basket. Completely appropriate since we very well couldn’t have a picnic outside on the blistery winter weather. I sat down on the blanket and he sat next to me. Seeing him in his uniform always turned me on. I could barely contain myself and the thought of fucking him in his office turned me on even more… but he didn’t know that… did he? Or, had he been reading my journal?... the sneaky bastard.

We sat down on the blanket and he started to rub me on my legs. Before I knew it I found myself laying prostrate in between his legs, nuzzling my tongue at his cock over his uniform pants. His blues pants getting tighter with every nuzzle.

I slowly worker down his zipper, unbuttoned the “flap” on his boxer briefs then I slipped the tip of his cock into my mouth and slowly worked my tongue down the shaft. How did I get here already? I thought. Truth be told, I didn’t care. I just knew I would miss him so much and this would be my last opportunity to get his cock before he left me for a year.

I lifted my head and slowly began my assault on his cock, softly sucking his tip like it was the nipple on my own cock bottle. I stayed there a while suckling him before slowly sliding his full cock inside my mouth... allowing the tip to encircle the back of my throat...I tried to keep it in the back of my throat as long as I could, holding my breath for what felt like hours.

After a few minutes I began sucking as I bobbed my head back and forth... I begin to get in a steady pace when I heard him let out a gasp. I almost seemed he couldn’t get any bigger but I felt him growing even more in my mouth. I continued my steady bob softly grazing my teeth on his tip when I reached the top. I looked up to watch his face as he clenched, his eyes meeting mine. I giggled lightly, he liked it when I “tortured” him.

I started a rhythm, sucking him harder and faster then just as he started squirming and clenching at the blanket my paced steadied and slowed. I did this until he threw his head back and screamed “I wanna fuck you NOW!” I stopped abruptly and watched as he eyed me with frustrated expressions. I also couldn’t wait any longer. My kitty was practically swimming in a puddle of wetness. I slowly climbed up and began straddling him allowing his cock to rub against my wet kitty lips, his erect cock worked itself between my inner and outer lips. I grabbed his head to me and begin kissing, sucking, licking and biting his neck gently. “No hickes.” He whispered, almost forgetting he was going to need to be at the terminal for his flight in a few hours. With the whisper I found his mouth and allowed my tongue to explore his. Simultaneously, his hands found my ass and lifted it, helping my damp hole find his erect cock. I began bouncing in place like he was my own personal pogo stick.

We were in rhythm. He was finding my spot with each bounce and I tried hard not to scream, fearing I would make too much noise in his office. He must have seen I was holding back. He whispered again, this time saying, “everyone is gone.”

I slid down on his cock hard, practically murdering my kitty and let out a loud moan as I did. I allowed the sweet matrimony of our lust. His hips began to buck harder as I rode him, I grabbed his head, he grabbed my blouse, he bucked ripping my shirt open, My breast leaped out. A slight grin rolled across his face when he say I wasn’t wearing a bra. He was about to speak but he was too late. I forced his head down pushing my breasts into his mouth. He began sucking my breast deep into his mouth. He sucked hard as I bucked his cock deeper and deeper inside me. He let out a deep moan pulling his head back. He let his stiff tongue slip out and began tweaking my hard as glass nipples with it.

I jumped off his cock, both of us breathing hard and heavy, he looked at me with a darkness and longing... I moved over to the desk in the room. I turned to face him then I motioned him closer while staring into his eyes still trying to catch my breath. He walked toward me. Eventually he stood in front of me. He reached to pull me closer and I swatted his hands away. I laid back on his desk, our eyes never leaving one another’s. I lifted my legs up on his chest bending my knees on his shoulders, crossing my lower legs behind his head. I could smell the juices from my wet kitty.

The anticipation of his cock once again filling my hole was driving me CRAZY. He took this moment as his time to tease. He slowly lifted his hands to my wetness. He slid a finger in and out of my moistness. He lifted his finger to his mouth licking it before inserting two fingers in pushing them in deeper and deeper into my wetness. I could feel my heart begin to race and breathing begin to quicken our eyes still locked. I watched as he bit his lower lip and groaned before shutting his eyes. He started stroking his own masculinity now pushing three fingers inside of me. I then reached around and placed my hands on top of the one he was using to stroke with. I begin pulling on his elongated cock trying to inch it toward my throbbing wetness. I reached my other hand around and removed his hand fingering me. We played a little game of him resisting me putting him inside me until he finally “let me win.”

When his tip found my hole, I anxiously screamed “FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME BABY!”

He hunched over and went to work. He started slow and long, watching my facial expressions enjoying the long stroke. I peaked down to watch his cock disappear and reappear going in and out. “That’s so sexy,” I exclaimed. He started to fuck me harder and harder, lifting the desk in his manic mode. I could time his stoke by the thud of the desk legs hitting the floor. I wanted to scream, “that’s my spot” but couldn’t manage my eyes just rolled in the back of my head as I felt my orgasm coming closer and closer. All I could manage to do was open my mouth, I think I let out a squeal. I felt him pumping faster and harder, I saw his arm muscles tensing as his hands gripped my ass. I tried to get away because I couldn’t take it any longer, but he pulled me into him closer… harder! His hands were clenching my ass so tight I thought he was going to rip it off my body. I heard him let out a grunt then I felt his sploosh fill my cavern. He let out an even louder grunt with a push of his hips and thighs nearly flipping the desk over. He caught himself and me just in time, puling me down with the loud bang of the desk legs hitting the floor. He then quickly got on his knees to lick my kitty which was slow oozing out his creampie. I was laughing and crying at the same time trying to come down from my orgasm and simultaneously endure his tongue teasing my kitty as he sopped up my and his wetness. He swooped me up and carried me back over to the blanket on the floor, his head still buried in between my legs. He laid me gently on the blanket, still licking me up like a ice cream. When I felt he’d performed an adequate cleanup I pulled him up toward me, laying his head on my stomach and letting out a deep sigh.

We laid there spooning for a few more hours, the entire time I was thinking how I was going to miss my baby.

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