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I miss you My darling (THE SEXY PINUP)

Updated: Jan 11

I long for you, then touch myself.

Your sweet words, your compliments, your roughness when you fuck me, when you pile drive fuck me!

My body loves you fucking me, my body yearns for your hands rubbing all over me. I miss you rubbing me. When you start with my shoulders and end on my kitty. You start on my shoulders, feeling my timidness whispering in my ear, telling me to relax. You work your way down to my breast resting your fingers on my nipples. You tug at them gently watching intently as they become rock hard. Then you glide down my stomach, then down further to your special place.

I need you here. I need to feel you inside, like you’ve done so many times before. The thought of it has me throbbing. I lust after your hard cock! Every inch of it! I think about your tongue twirling around and inside my moist, warm kitty. I want you here now, but you are miles away and I know there is nothing I can do but wait. Wait till you return home from your tour.

I want you to know I’m laying here on my bed in the nude thinking of you. I touch myself when I think about your tongue inside me, your head resting between my thick thighs and taking it all in, stroking my plump lips with your tongue, massaging my insides finding your rhythm, as I lay in your embrace. I let my body loosen up with every soft, heavenly, tortuous lick. I give you my body. My body loosening and simultaneously tightening as I invite your tongue to go deeper… I want more but I can’t handle it. I find myself pulling away, but you pull me closer, grabbing my backside pulling me into you and that wonderful tongue.

I need you. I am fingering myself thinking of you. I’m thinking of the time when you grabbed me a bent me over the bathroom sink. Banging me HARD from the back as you watched my titties in the mirror jiggling with EVERY deep stroke. Watching my face tense, then relax as you know I was getting close. Then you suddenly stop!! Teasing me. You turn me around then head down to tease my clit with your tongue. I couldn’t help but release on your face. I’m remembering your eyes gazing up at me and your mouth glazed with my cum.

I’m sitting here thinking of you so ready to cum again for you. Should I cum for you now? Do you want me to cum on this letter for you so you can smell me again?

Should I?

CvC - Your Sexy Pinup

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