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ForcedBi Interview

In addition to SinDom™ Spanking Forced Bi is not only one of My specialties, it's one of my favorite sessions to perform. Being a female dominant in the world of BDSM, I have always found a particular interest in the world of Forced Bi. It's a type of play that is as taboo as it is enticing, and as a dominant, it allows me to explore my power and control in completely new and thrilling ways. This February I was able to detail My most intimate thoughts about this beloved fetish...

“Exploring this fetish has intrigued Me primarily because of the psychological aspects – or, as some might call it, the Mind Fuck.

“The psychological power-elements entwined with the dichotomous dynamics that inform the fetish –namely, control vs. confusion and uncertainty, pleasure vs. pain and humiliation, masculinity vs. submissiveness and vulnerability – make the depths of this fetish simply intoxicating.”

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