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What Is Sindom™?

I'll start with the meaning... SinDom™ stands for sensual domination, sensation play and a sinful delight to Goddess. These concepts are not original to Me, but, I do think I am the first to use the term SinDom in this way, hence the pending trademark.

I consider Myself a Sensual Dominatrix therefore I INDULGE in SinDom™. T&D, JOI, spanking, erotic shaving and wax play are some of My fave fetishes. Most of My sessions involve sensual domination and well as energy exchange, in some way. Due to the nature of the D and s in BDSM, energy exchange is only natural (I will go into this more in another blog entry).

While all SinDom sessions do not involve sensation play (hot wax, tickling, bitting, etc.), all SinDom session will have an element of sensuality. Truth be told, unless my goal is Mind Fuck humiliation -- I am playing a torture or interrogation game-- whoring a slut or is creating a Prihead training session --- BMT/Military Fantasy, there will probably be an element of sensuality in the session. Sensuality is Women's tool, I can't leave it out, it comes naturally.

The types of play and tools for a SinDom™ session can range from "softer" play/tools (tickling, scarfs, feathers) to more abrasive play/tools (fire, floggers) but the bottom line is sensuality and energy exchange.

The goal is to create a session where the s will experience high levels of pain and pleasure to where the lines the define what pleasure and pain are are eventually blurred! You won't know what you're feeling so your only option is to let go and embrace ALL the feelings. This sensory overload provides a euphoric feeling. YOU WILL GET ADDICTED. I make sure to provide adequate care for sub drop afterwards.

Stay 4eva Provocative,

GC -tribute.. contribute.. invest

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