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What does it mean to be a submissive male?

Updated: Jan 5

From kink educational workshops to lifestyle munches, and seemingly every BDSM conversation in between, this topic has been a question for the ages. Of course, the first response is usually, it depends on the D/s relationship.

This is very true.

I want My trainees to understand, while I will inflict physical torture, pain, and humiliation (usually sexual) upon My submissives, when it comes to My Prihead Trainees (PTs) AKA Collars-in-Training (CITs) (long-term submissives), in particular... I want psychological control. I want to control your mind. your emotions. your thoughts and ideas. This is where the Power of My D (ominance) lies.

Don't get Me wrong. I require this for all the submissives that step foot through My door. But I am not oblivious to the mindset of those topping bottoms and those who just want to try an FLR every once and a while. I think it's a point to note, these types probably won't last long in My "service" even as paying clients.

As a Professional Dominatrix, I get off on the thought of you allowing Me to "push" deeper. In other words, give Me full control AND give Me no resistance when I push because you trust Me FULLY. I have no intention of going berserk, or do I ;)... The point is, that you have allowed space and opportunity for Me to explore. The space and opportunity for Me to weld ALL power and authority. After all, you are worshiping a Goddess.

To get a better understanding. I want all potential PTs to read/watch these short, but insightful articles/clips:

More to come...

If you would like to apply to a part of the Prihead Training program click here to complete the application.

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