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Frolicon Recap

As many of you know, earlier this month I attended Frolicon the lifestyle convention where nerdy meets naughty. Here are some of the highlights:


My day began midafternoon, with Me getting to the hotel a little after 2:30p. After checking in and getting My badge, My little helper and I went for a quick spin around the vendor hall. I headed to My room to relax before changing for the Dungeon -- The Atlanta Dungeon Sisterhood sponsored the Welcome to the Dungeon Party on opening night. 

The fit (pics): My corset was 'tied for the Goddess', giving My tits optimal lift and just the right amount of bounce. My ass practically swallowed the matching thong, leaving just enough of the codpiece out to cover the goods. With this outfit, I was finally able to don the all-metal mask I'd purchased a few Frolicons back. My brand-new platform-heeled, thigh-high, patented leather boots needed to be laced, buckled, and placed on My feet, a privilege I left for My little helper, happy to oblige. With My boots on, giving My already long legs at least another 9 inches, I was finally ready for whatever the night would bring. 

Around 730ish, I headed over to the Dungeon to attend the DM meeting. At 8p the doors were open. 

Insert debauchery, right on cue!

After turning down several proposals to play (no pay, no play - thems house rules) knowing I needed to be up early for My party, I retired for the night around 12a. 


Friday was a doozie! The day started bright and early at 730a with the hotel's breakfast buffet. I wanted an early start, so My little helper and I could set up for the Masturbation Party before it began at 10a. After getting through more than a few obstacles, the setup was complete and it was time for the party to begin. The theme was Garden of Eden. Per usual, I forgot to take pictures so, I will describe the scene starting with My fit; As the tempestuous snake, I looked beyond goon-worthy. I was dressed in a snakeskin printed, long-sleeved, leotard and thigh-high, leather studded boots, very lickable! My outfit also included a prop in tow, My 9-foot plush snake stuffie wrapped around My curvaceous body! 

The setup included My Goddess altar in the middle of the room and two pop-up tents in the far corners; one for hor d'oeurves and the other served as My hideaway. The playlist included a mix of nature and ambient sounds, with clips of sexy moans sprinkled in between. The lighting left much to be desired but nothing too distracting once people started getting in the mood. 

After people started to arrive and get settled, I relaxed in My Goddess tent. My tent was extremely comfortable, so much so, that I was able to chillax and join in the festivities. Nothing like M4M/M4T porn to really set the mood. I'm not going to go into any more details about that. Next year you'll just have to see for yourself. I will say there were a few ambitious couples/throuples who didn't quite stick to the assignment, allowing for more bangs than I’d bargained for… (if you know, you know, lol).

Later that afternoon, I was able to check out a workshop presented by one of My Atlanta Dungeon sisters. The rest of the day was spent at the AD fan table where I people-watched and spoke to many interesting and kinky folks. 

I was too tired to attend any parties, so after dinner, I retired to My room. 


Saturday morning was a relaxing start. My little helper and I ate breakfast by the pool. The pool was perfectly empty and still. After returning the party decor back to storage, I got back to the hotel, rested and changed. I went to a workshop at 1p before going to man the AD fan table for My shift. 

The fit (no pic): I’d ordered a black, faux leather bra and panty lingerie set with matching garter belt and thigh garters that arrived just in time for the day. It was a bit chilly in the vendor hall so I had My helper fetch My black cropped sweater and leg warmers. I finished the look with My open-toe black and white sateen pleasers. 

Later that evening... party time! It was the last night so, there were a few parties to choose from. The two room parties W/we attended that night were heavily attended with super cute themes and Mama loves a good theme. After a few drinks and more chillaxing, W/we left the rooms and went down to the ball. There wasn't much going on at the ball so W/we went to the dungeon where I was again propositioned. No room to play for those who don't pay so I let the sub down politely. After another brief walk around the room, I was going to call it a night but... alas an open cross, calling My lil helper's name. 

"Take your shirt off and get on the cross," I demanded. After he assumed the position... yada, yada, yada :). If you want more details call/chat with Me on Niteflirt

All in all, it was a very, steamy night!

Sunday (oh shit, is today Mother's Day?!!??):

After the night's Dungeon play, I was feeling a little frisky Sunday morning. Strap-on, dildo worship always gets My blood pumping, so I called My little helper up to My room for a morning surprise.

As soon as he got to My room, I put My helper on his knees and demanded he suck on My new 9-inch, pink and blue Fantasy Monster 'Dragon' dildo. Listening to his gags and moans was a proper right start to My day... We continued to yada, yada, yada... 

After breakfast, packing, and checking out, I headed home and back to reality. I was able to rest for a while before going back out again for Mother's Day. 

This year My con drop took a full two days!! 

All in all, I had a fabulous con, as I always do, which is why Frolicon is one of My annual faves and why I can't wait until next year! Bonus: I applied to host the Masturbation Party annually, will I see you there?

Until then My kinky lil babies,


Want an opportunity to be My little helper for conventions/events? Complete this form and know My expectations:

Must take care of all of My expenses.

Must schedule playtime (BDSM/Fetish only; absolutely no SEX!!).

Must have other useful skills. 

Upcoming Conventions:

FetishCon - St. Petersburg, FL | August 8 - 11 (confirmed)

Sex Down South - Atlanta, GA | September 5 - 8

DomCon NOLA - New Orleans, LA | October 10 - 13

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